Enterprise Design Workshop

Tuesday, September 22nd – Wednesday, September 23rd
09:30 – 18:00
Basecamp Day 1

During this workshop you learn how to apply a design perspective when you innovated and initiate changes in your enterprise. You will also learn how the knowledge of the architecture is used as constraints and opportunities guiding you and your team to a solution that is possible to deliver in your current enterprise.

The class will take you through an Enterprise Design Sprint from engagement to deliver using a design approach as well as architected models like the capability map, the Milky Way. As an Enterprise, Business or Process Architect, you will see how you rapidly can innovate and facilitate faster changes using an Enterprise Design Sprint. It will help you take the next step to create faster innovation and change. A change grounded in your business situation. We accomplish this by using the Milky Way mapping as a universal model in Enterprise Design, making this proven Design Sprint tool introduced to the startup world by Google Ventures enterprise-ready.

We’ll show how Enterprise Design Sprints are a fast, workable approach to innovate and transform the whole business (not only IT). You will also experience how powerful the design methods are to really understand customer needs and create empathy for the users, both external customers and the employees. The Enterprise Design Sprint enables us to go from the big picture, to details and back to the big picture again: making the links visible, tracing performance and decisions, and engaging stakeholders.

Topics covered:
  • Introduction to the Design Perspective
  • Introduction to Strategic Enterprise Design – the core principles
  • Planning and running Enterprise Design Sprints for business impact
  • Using The Milky Way mapping technique to ensure that the new idea fits into your existing Enterprise and architecture
  • Translating mappings and models from stakeholder views to architecture
  • What implications new products or services have on the entire enterprise