Master Class

Master Class: Facilitating with Enterprise Design Patterns

Friday, November 13th
14:30 – 16:00
Master Classes

Understand, clarify, align and decide: these are actions that have a direct impact on the business can seem simple, as long as you stay in your silo! From a broader perspective, however, we can clearly see the butterfly effect and the not always positive consequences it engenders.

Let us not be naive or egocentric, no one can master everything, control everything, know everything. The team, however, can go further than the sum of its parts. This is why more than ever the role of the facilitator is important in business, whether he is present full time or only at key times. Collaboration between people and communication between teams are at the heart of the challenges of our organizations, and a professional facilitator knows how to transform abstraction and opinions into concrete and relevant information.

In this master class, we explore how to help a group define several aspects of the business based on the “Enterprise Design Pattern”. You will also approach the basics of facilitation through activities from simple to complex.