Case Study

Even small local non profit organisations can profit from using Enterprise Design in reframing their purpose

Saturday, November 14th
15:00 – 15:30
Conference Room

We want to tell you how we used The Enterprise Design process to develop strategy for the non-profit organization - Centrum Cyfrowe (meaning The Digital Center). Before we met they were well known among a narrow group of experts and academics from digital culture field. They came to us asking how they can communicate their mission and values to a broader audience. After the first meetings, it turned out that as they were involved in a wide spectrum of initiatives they had a problem to choose the main field to focus on.

We began with a diagnosis of the internal situation. We did a competence survey among employees and a survey on the strength of implemented projects as well as ethnographic interviews with key stakeholders. We also conducted a workshop on the future scenarios, where we discussed the changes that will occur in the coming years in the use of digital tools and the role of digitization in the development of civil society. Thanks to the Enterprise Design Stack we saw the full picture of the organization, it’s strengths and weaknesses and could design together with NGO’s team its main mission, personality and purpose.