Joanne Dong
Joanne Dong Systems Designer and Business Architect

Joanne is a systems designer, a business architect, and a practitioner of complexity thinking. She is based in Toronto, Canada. Although she spent most of her career straddling the intersection of business and technology, design remains a constant theme and passion of hers throughout. A chance encounter with complexity science in 2012 shifted her mental model. She resigned from her corporate job in 2014 to do research in systems thinking, complexity science, architecture and psychology, and started her own consulting firm, JDStream.

Her recent engagements include the largest healthcare delivery network in the U.S. (2017-2020), and an investment management firm in the Greater New York City area (2015-2017). Reflecting on the experiences has brought novel insights in how complexity thinking, design and architecture may help organizations dissolve emergent problems.

Outside work, she is mostly preoccupied by topics related to human psychology and neuroscience, with a good cup of coffee.

Friday, November 13, 2020